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Please follow these Step by Step Instructions on Unlocking Your Nokia Phone


 - If you cannot remove the battery from your phone such as the Nokia N8 and other models in which the battery cannot be taken out of the phone.

When asked to remove the battery and connect back, you must remove the cable turn phone off, wait approximately for 40-60 seconds and then power on phone and then plug back in


Step 1 - Download your Phones Drivers

1.You will need the correct USB Cable Drivers for your phone. By installing the 'Nokia PC Suite' software that you can obtain the appropriate USB Cable Drivers.

2.Go to http://europe.nokia.com/support/product-support/pc-suites/compatibility-and-download

3.Find your model and then install Nokia PC Suite


Step 2 - Check your Login and Password

1. Download, and Install the Nokia application "Sl3Logger.exe" (Found Here: SL3Logger.rar )

2.Input the username and password emailed to you and click "Check User" to make sure it is valid

3.Balance should be at least 100 Credits


Step 3 - Connect Phone

1.Plug your Phone into the Computer USB

2.Your Phone now will display "USB Mode", select "PC Suite"

*Note your Nokia PC Suite software downloaded in Step 1 should be running as well

3.Now on the software application click "Check Phone"

4.Software application will display :

"This phone can be Unlocked!

Now remove phone battery for two seconds, put it back in and then press Send IMEI to Server"

5. Remove battery from your phone 2 seconds and then put it back (phone is still connect to computer via USB), doing this this will also turn your Phone off.


Step 4- Sending IMEI to Server

1. Now on the software application click

"Send IMEI to Server"

Now Software application will display:

"Upload Job Procedure Started Insert Cable in Powered Off phone, press Power On and follow instructions"

2. Now Unplug the USB cable from your phone for 2 seconds, and then plug it back in and turn the phone back ON by pressing the Power Button on your phone Once your phone turns on which connected to the USB , the Software Application will now display: "Done! Remove cables from phone etc......"

3. Now Unplug the USB cable from your phone, pull the battery out for 2 seconds and put battery back into the phone

4. Power ON phone again.

5. After phone Powers ON, plug it back into the USB and on the phone it will display:

"Select USB Mode", select "PC Suite"

5. Software will now display your Phone's IMEI number and that the unlock code will be ready in 6 hours


Step 5- Inputting Unlock Code

1. In 3-6 hour time press the "Check/Unlock" Button

2. If the Unlock Code is ready software will read

"Sending Unlock Code...Done! Your Phone isUnlocked and can be used with any Simcard!Done"

Your Phone is now Unlocked Successfully!

*Note if you get the Message

“Unlock code not found for connected phone....Done!”

It means your Unlock code is not ready yet, you need to try again a little later.

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